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Screenshots with Awesome WM and xsnap

One thing I really, really liked about Compiz was the ability to hold down CTRL, drag the mouse over part of the screen, and take a screenshot. Sadly I discovered this about a week before it broke in 11.04 – …

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Awesome WM config tweaks

I use Awesome WM which has made a splendid alternative to Gnome/Unity since soon after this was unleashed in Ubuntu 11.04. Not only did I find Unity to be dog-slow, I was finding windows were getting in the way more …

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Ubuntu 11.04 and Unity – Awesome WM to the rescue

I do remember being ever-so excited about 11.04 coming out, and how completely unimpressed I was with Unity. My super fast PC (it particularly felt that way after coming to Ubuntu from Windows even though it’s a fairly average spec …

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